Social Distortion

Gotta Know the Rules

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Spent my whole life looking for something
What it was, I'm not really sure
I looked for happiness but only found sorrow
Then I realized how to unlock that door yea, yea, yea

So you think you've got it figured out
It don't come easy, maybe just for fools
Some say life is a struggle,
It's a game, just gotta know the rules,
gotta know the rules

Loads of people go through life thinking
Take what you can and leave the weak behind
Never stop to think what can you give now
Too afraid to learn what you might find yea, yea, yea


Spent my whole life doing things my way
Doing unto others, knowing its wrong
When's the last time you looked in the mirror?
When's the last time you liked what you saw?-yea, yea, yea


Autor(es): Mike Ness

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