Gotta Make It To Heaven

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King koopa
Yea, naw

They don't want me to get it gangsta cause I'm gon show ya
I ain't gotta move I make moves from my black sonar
I'll be choppin or touchin on my 2 way contact on ya
Ain't gotta be a c.e.o to put a contract on ya
No cop can get my handcock on his paper work
But I can prove how quick my paper works with a credit card
Nope dummy I use dirty money to pay for dirt
I'd hire a personal painter to go paint ya shirt
Yup personal trainer to lift my weight
I ain't gotta do it or know how to bake to get this cake
If the laws get police dogs to come and sniff it straight
Seran wrapped up so that pup gon sniff his case
Puppy only gonna be smelling his breath
If I wanted to I could get illegal cheddar myself
But I let other niggaz go get it instead of myself
Put the heat on a man with cheese and his chedda will melt
Ain't gonna be sittin there talkin, I'm a be spittin
Sparkin that thing, to the crime scene have a bunch of white chalkin yep
Ya spending my bread I'm sending my lead
Towards ya head if you got information to lend to a fed
We killing off all competition so they invited you dead
Cause when we step up in the building nigga pretend like you dead
Peep my horo homie you think it's a blood pow
I know niggas that stay wet up like they never touch towels
Clean as the next beef they never ever touched cows
Show you more white lines than a 100 yard touch down
Niggaz that don't care how to speak cause in your truck sound
Make it when you get in the car the engine shuts down
You get it and raise up the hood and you be like what now
When this engine shut down that boy gon here what sound
Throw a horror flick who wan praise the shut down
Homie I peep color change you get wrong you get beat nigga

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