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Staring at the wall, twisted here beneath.
God, this can't be my soul-stomped muddy feet.
Stabbed myself to hold you, do my sick dance burning.
Angry thoughts I can't forget.
In my belly crawling, writhe into tomorrow.
Got to get something to rest.
Man inside my wall won't leave me alone.
And so I'm like him, faceless poison man.
Spit in my reflection, cried where I was playing.
Learned to hate myself the best.
Spiral staircase wrecked where carpets breathe so mean.
No, please don't let me go yet.
Said can hear it, it's dying in me.
Looking so pretty, it used to be me.
Man climbs around my spine and I can't find the door.
Angry room of hurt bother me no more.

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