Got The Blues

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I walked from Dallas : I walked to Wichita Falls
After I lost my sugar : I wasn't going to walk at all

Women see you coming : they go get their rocking chair
I want to fools this man : and make out he's welcome here

So cold in China : this voice can't hardly sing
You didn't make me mad : till you broke my diamond ring

I'm going to grab my sugar : papa don't care what you do

I know my baby : she's going to jump and shout
When she gets a letter from Lemon : I wrote her two days out

Tell me what's the matter : [papa Lemon, I] can't get no mail
Mama said last night : don't let a black cat cross your trail

I got up this morning : the blues all around my bed
Went in to eat my breakfast : and the blues all in my bread

Autor(es): Blind Lemon Jefferson

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