Gottingen Street

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this tumble down street's just a run down street
ringing with the clatter of restless feet
they're kicking in the windows on gottingen street
just to steal the quiet for the night
in the morning there will be no pain
just a drug coursing through the veins
of the ones who give and take the blame
for living on the wrong side of the tracks

broken windows go with broken homes
broken hearts on faces of stone
the street's filled with people all alone
all alone and all together on gottingen street

the neon lights can't take away
the many different shades of grey
that reach from the shadows to where children play
in gutters that run with ruin
i'm looking down from the second floor
at the sally anne and the tv store
insurance salesmen going door to door
it looks like business is booming


see that twisted old figure used to be a man
squeezing the juice out of lysol cans
livin' in the doorways of shadowland
just another extra on the set
winter's cruel in this part of town
the snow's piled dirty all around
the weak fall prey with defences down
down, down on gottingen street


Autor(es): Alison Kelly / Jeff Mann

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