Got You One

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Silent President
Yo, Get the fuck up over here
Lil' B, what it do!

I speaks for the killaz
Never speak on rapping
Long blood line
Never speak on trappin'
Nobody happy over here only drugs and guns
America you gotchu one

Because the game so sick, you went and copped you one
Pulled over by the cops, now you rockin' one
Ten year beater is the new probation
With your head lookin' down while you sittin at the station
'Cuz you made a mistake, survival in the hood
You won't catch a break, be smart
Don't be no dummy
Don't buy no dope
Nigga save your money

My homie twenty, four with two fourteens
He seventeen
Won't see him
'Till he 37
Niggaz shed blood, thinkin' they gon' go to heaven
You robbin' niggaz, that's the way you gon' lose your blessings
Sit down, be patient through the hard times.
You gon' get way more in the long run

But I see some people, is examples
But I ain't no muthafuckin test pay attention
Niggaz catchin AIDS from freakin' these hoes raw

Like 'Pac said, God I been lying to ya
But really God, is in your inner soul
But that's too deep for you motherfuckers to fathom
I keep my mouth closed and keep my eyes open
Cuz the jail time owe me
Niggaz say too much
They try to black-mail me
Never scared but I see you niggaz snitchin'
The whole world is populated by bitches.
And I still play on defense
Until I'm out the hood these suckaz won't catch a break

Don't come in my yard
I won't touch yours'
Don't touch my dominoes
Won't fuck witcha house
Boy complete house over here, this the gold house

I'm the one who's gon' grind through the fuckin drought
I'm the one with the rock and the T-R-U
I'm the one singin' haters what the fuck you gon' do
It's Lil' B, Lil Boss who the fuck is you bitch

One time for the one time...
Like I said, Silent President mixtape


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