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I represent
The best of the bent
My life is just one travel expense
Don't ask for help
Don't ask what I've spent
My current account is olny a dent
Land of the green, gold and white assets
Your green and gold sits under my mattres
The white's upstairs in the marrow casket
But it goes to the stomach and the sult don't mask it.

Payrolls and lost souls baby check me out
I'm in control and there ain't no doubt
I got you in a choke hold an you're heading south
But is it my fault?

I'm the r.e.d
With the a.I.b
But the brown envelopes
Look after me
Even after 3
They'll extend the o.d
Till I o.d
For the whole country

So come all without you
Come all with sin
I'm dealing the bob
I'm the mighty quinn
If the books could kill I'd be quids in
And you can't stop it
No you can't win

But you can't deny
The books don't lie
The tiger was out
But you didn't try
To crack the whip
To grab the leash
I just had the shotgun
And slayed the beast

Autor(es): The Strypes

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