Government Pigs

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Jackles in ackboots
& snakes in black
Pin-stripe tyrants
Prepare for attack
Factory spews shit
As they spit green lies
Morally crippled
No care for who dies

Mass consumption
Neck-deep in shit and drowning
Out of control, confusion reigns
Oh high...we die!

Our every move is watched
They crawl into your head
Every freedom what cost?

Government pigs,
Pigs govern over sheeps they've made
Government pigs

Ghouls in government
Pigs on the street, zombie flock...
They're blind to defeat
Selling us shit & lies we don't need
Fear and dependency
The filth that they need

(now, let me tell you a story
I was walking down my street
My street, and this pig says to me
"empty your pockets son" & I said
"what the fuck? this is my street, &
These are my fuckin' pockets!
So if you don't mind, fuck you sir!"
So this cop says to me, and he's angry
Now "empty your pockets, or I'm calling
For back up" so I say to him "back-up?!,
What is the collective name for a
Mutha-fuckin' bunch of pigs?!")

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