Go West Judas

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You left with a promise and sealed with a kiss
remember beginnings, it was nothing like this
Like brothers in arms, now worlds apart
you follow the rainbow, I follow the heart

Now, I'm perfect, I'm no Saint
but you can't fool me, so whip off that paint
You may think that I'm your stepping stone
but in this game your'e all alone

Go west Judas, see what you'll find
now, we all know what's on your mind
Just got and get it, go on collect and
burn your bridges, what did you expect

You're far from grace & you're far from home
You think you're safe in that pleasure dome
Now, racing the temple of the snakes
soon out of control, start pulling the brakes

There's no way you can become clean
you're knee deep in the mean machine
In blood you signed the dotted line
so it's no surprise the sun won't shine

Go west Judas, see what you'll find
go on "Sieg Heil" the dollar sign
You blackheart of the human trade
now wizard of the everglades

Autor(es): Roine Stolt

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