Grab The Soul To Hell

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Those who lived, went back running
Her light steps approached the door
Choufs house stands before her
Long has she waited for this

Harried steeds
Their owners stumbled
To report that her malevolence
Too strong to conquer

Guan De Gun was summoned
Slayer of Demons, feared in all Hells
gSubmit to my sword now and
gI shall grant you a quick deathh

Chiong Kui Ya was called upon
Upholder of Order, Ghost Destroyer
gRun all you want, like all othersh
gExecution is inevitableh

Care not whether I live or die
But thy judgement shall not be unjustified
Why have you all turned a blind?
Choufs obliquity absurdly connived.

Thy escape, infraction of the Laws of Hell
Your slaying of entire troop just increases the anger of us
Damned Demon Natao shall be unmercifully punished.

You all shall rue the moment you stepped forth
How Noble your Godship no matter.
For his soul gnaws at mine, my hunger
You shall not stop me for nonsensical reason.

Blades flashing, quicker than the eye
She parried with her own, slicing
Spells hurled, seeking to envelop
She absorbed, and responded tenfold

Both Heaven and Hell under-mined her
Legions died in their attempts to conquer
fallen bodies Natao gladly stepped over
To despoil Choufs life at sight and grab his soul to hell

Grab your soul to hell
Hateful, Grab your soul to hell
Hateful, Grab your soul to hell
Hateful, Grab your soul to hell

Autor(es): Chthonic

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