Amy Martin


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She was out wandering alone
Holy, but unknown
She could have gone on and on that way

But she came unto this place
And she found a friendly face
And she took the name of Grace

So you see her at the store
Or in the woods, or on your doorstep
And you want to know more
I want to know more

Grace, I want to know you
Grace, will you show yourself to me
Grace, what would you say
If I asked you to marry me today
Are you the marrying type
Come share my life
Grace, can I see you tonight

With a scent as fresh as soil
And a smile that will spoil you
For all others

Grace holds you in her arms
Tender and strong
And you know you have to be her lover
I want to be your lover

Grace, I have been a fool
Acting smart, playing it cool
I never knew how badly I needed you
Oh let me wear your ring
And I promise I will sing your name
Clear up to the heavens

Even the wine needs the cup
So come on in and fill me up
Make me the vessel that holds you

Every miracle is made
When sacred meets mundane
Mix yourself with me, haunt me