Graced By Evil Blood

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"versailles, anno sathana 1666, louis xiv the most powerful sovereign prevail,
When darkness falls upon the kingdom, the court`s descending within
The palace vaults, gathering for morbid rites"

Let`s start the ritual!!!
Dame monvoisin, midwife from the black order, abortionist, dark masses organiser.
From the bourgeoisie, you brang many believers,
"obscure daughter thou art the matter of my dreams, seduce me with your poison,
Infilter my veins"
Montespan, your favourite, her filter was prepared, to satiate her hunger of forbidden love,
A mixture of blood, fetus and goat sperm, gave her sexual voracity with the sun king
And made her "whore to the court".

Three times the dark mass took place for her, in secret the novice was brought to the hut,
In secret where abbot mariette awaited...bring forth the innocent victim!!!

"astaroth, asmodeus, princes of relations,
I implore you to accept the sacrifice i offer you, in exchange your servent ask the attention
Of his majesty!"

[lead: nornagest]
[lead: n.daemon]

"to be honoured by all princes and lords of france...
And that nothing i may ask either for my family or servants, will be denied"
Christianity hounded five hundered of your converts, executed or exiled.
After two decades that the pacts were sealed,
Your wishes for montespan forever active will stay.
She all your converts were...
She was...graced by evil blood!!!
Graced by evil blood!!!

[lead: nornagest]

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