Holding On

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A time that's for myself, i know just what i've done
and there's no reprieve so i'll always run
awakened from the dark, i hold it in my heart
the secrets that we keep, my aching soul must sleep

i know just how you feel, the way i'm fucked up here
but still i can't reveal the emptiness i fear
i cannot find a way, i think i'm past that day
where there's no return, when will i ever learn?

i'm holding on... i'm holding on,
to a hope less broken

let's watch the days go on, forget all that we've known
and as the sun goes down you'll laugh at all we've done
just drink it all away, you'll forget every day
and as your life goes by, you'll laugh until you cry.

i'm holding on... i'm holding on,
to a life less broken...

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