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Signification of intensive animal breeding means: more meat for a lesser cost
Designed for the benefit of the multinationals and the profitability of agro alimentary
Animals are the objects of manipulation
Drugged, mutilated and tortured
Destined to be eaten
Diseases are in their share too
Immobilized in an enclosure with replicated brightness They have no access to exercise
We turn them into machines
They supply your entity -
Feeding up your tummy
To enlarge heart attacks
Beated, blessed in the truck of death
Expelled violently off the trucks
They arrive to a slaughterhouse
Hurried and savagely brutalized in a terrifying environment
Amplified by screams and fear
Electrocuted or summarily knocked out
Legs grabbed on a hook
Head turned down
They slice their throat
Without awareness, they are cruelly disgorged...

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