Graffiti the World

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You know they say
Hell hath no fury
Like a womans scorn
So vengeful and mother earth
Has been done wrong
And I think she's sick
Yo, she's pukin up lava
Her nerves tremble
Along fault lines
Ready to drop an entire city of filth
Thats been forced upon her
We built these towers of babyl
And feel remorse for nada
The momma divorced the father
The children are dropping bottles
The rich get richer
And poverty's hot, under the collar
Takin prayer out of the schools
And we tryin to raise scholars
Creationism versus the theory of evolution
Air, water, landmine
Body and soul pollution
Kids steppin on landmines
From wars, we all losin
We chasin false idols
And racin from our bibles
The golden rule
The youth are becomin more suicidal
Who teaches em?
You and I do
No wonder they wanna fight you
Raised by hypocrites you feel lied to

Graffiti the land
With skyscrapers
Graffiti the sky
With airplanes and satellites
Graffiti the minds
Of children with your manmade love
Graffiti the world
I saw the writing on the wall

The fight for free speach
Lack of responsibilty
Thievin positions of power
Internet pornography
Guns in the hole for fear
The next knock at the door
Could be death
The terrorists are in the white house
And overseas
Racist seperatists, vicious militias
Bhuddists,the hindus, the muslims, the christians
Could it be our biggest barrier is language
Or is oil that important that one would inflict anguish
So cars can deplete the ozone on highways
That stretch across the land
Where indians once raised families
We're in denial, the world is afraid
And you say theres no more slaves

We're addicted to planes, trains, and automobiles
We're addicted to addiction
We dig livin' in fiction
For money, power, and respect
The army gotta go kill
They under contract, so let the blood spill
Sort of morbid ain't it, this picture that i just painted
Its an epiphany i had, i realized just how tainted
I think it really is
While in new york when i saw
A teenager arrested, for taggin a fuckin wall

Autor(es): D. Alexander

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