Grains Of Sand

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Grains of sand
Inthe hourglass turning
Years & ages like smoke in the air
Marking time with bloodshed & battles
Kings & queens that
Still handle our lives
From the sands of egypt
To the towers of new york
A never-ending war for controllong our minds
Once it was the pharaohs
Now it's called mr.president
Just another empire is controlling our lives
Will it never end?

When a dissident talks
Like the nazarene rebel
Systematically ends on the cross
Whwn the time for a change
By the masses is claimed for
Anti-riot police forces strike in

How many wars,how many dead
How many innocent have to die
How much money,how much oil
How many lives for sale for gold?
How many wars,how many dead
How many lives on sale?

As ages go by technology changes
But the purpose is always the same
Religion,ideas used as exccuses
History unfolds on the shots of guns

When a man dressed in gold
Talks of poverty & freedom
As peter & paul died in rome
When a king in the east
Kills his people with gases
History's best repeats itself

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