Hold on

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Long nights...wide awake in the empty darkness.
dreading... the alarm that waits at the dawn of day.
i'm anxious... for all the things that i want from life.
i'm tired...now i push my thoughts away.
long day...tired and sore, abused my body,
troubled...i find no peace in what i'm paid.
distracted...the tv takes me from my worries.
absent...of any progress i have made.
i am nothing more than a dreamer, wasting my life.
consumed with my passion,
caught in a world of debts and decisions.
do i lose it forever or do i hold on i am no different,
just one of the masses.
caught up in the task of survival.
i am waiting on days without any worries.
do i lose it forever or do i hold on?...to my dreams.

Autor(es): Pulley

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