Grand Dark Feeling Of Emptiness

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well i felt like i was born today
so i took it upon me to go away
to gather my thoughts and go away
where i could (be used by) somebody
now over the hill, like always you know
were billy and frankie and henry and joe
and they beat and broke me hard and slow
to prove i was nobody
and no one i was and so i remained
knocked-out in a hut, no mother, no name
and filled up my heart with one and the same
that grand dark feeling of emptiness
and was it a friend that turned me loose
or was it a girl come to baste my goose
or was it my great god who laid on his finger
and started my clock anew
ah no, it was rain
ah no, it was gunning
it was point break and buckle
and singing and cunning
that skinned me, re-skinned me
and started me running
and i never looked back from then on
and now i am learning bit by bit
about to make and model shit
the muddy bowl i live in it
and all the mucks that tire us
and im afeared if i dont have
a piglet, lamb, or little calf
ill chop my humanness in half
and be as worm or virus
but kids ive had and they are sung
upon folks ears my babes are hung
rhythmically they live among
and grow but dont get old
not in a box, not in a void
not if their voice is never heard
nor if no one repeats a word
but if their tune is told
then we can age and fall away
to meet again some golden day
and fill it in our happy way
in starlight and in gold

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