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Going on a holiday,
From L.A. down to Mexico.
Anywhere along the way
Could be somewhere that I should go.
Packing all my precious toys,
You know that I may need them there.
Gonna make a little noise,
Just as soon as I get somewhere.
Baby wipe the tears from your eyes,
You know I'll come shuffling back.
I'll be bringing you a little surprise,
Yeah when I come shuffling back,
Yeah when I come shuffling back.

Got to be a better place,
Where I can be a millionaire,
And I don't have to show my face
Cuz it's covered up by my hair.
Oh that's the way it's gonna be,
There's really nothing left to say.
If anybody asks for me,
Tell them I'm on a holiday.

Autor(es): Chip Znuff / Donnie Vie

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