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You're my holiday,
You brighten up my life with those words you say,
Capture all the love in me,
Fill my world with ev'ry passing day,
Your smile, your touch, your love, you're my holiday

So in love
The feelings that we share are what I'm dreamin' of
And even when we're far away;
Though distance is just time and space, they say
With you by my side, it's a holiday
Time is on our side
'Cause when we say goodbye;
Love will take us there,
Together you and I

You're my holiday,
I'm holding close each mem'ry, they won't fade away
But I'll come back to you someday;
So in your heart please save a space for me,
I'll be coming home just you wait and see

And love will keep us there,
Together you and I.
You're my holiday,
The holiday in my life

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