Grandfather Die

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When grandfather dies
Life will be strange
When grandfather dies
My whole world will change
When grandfather dies
I'll scream and I'll yell
Coz I'll be fuckin rich as hell
So grandfather die
Don't keep me in suspense
Oh, grandfather cough
Up that inheritence
Oh, grandfather dont
Hold on another day
I love you to death
But I've got bills to pay

A stroke would be nice
Disease would be cool
I'll scatter his ashes in my new swimming pool
I'll jam with the stones, I'll dine with the queen
Now let's say we unplug that machine
So grandfather die
Before the fiscal year
Oh grandfather I
Wish kevorkian were here
So grandfather fly
Just take your final
Grandfather die
Family hates you anyhow

For gods sake you must be as old as the sun
Your social security number is one
Your deaf, dumb, and blind, and an amputee
You donate your blood everytime that you pee
Your arthritis acts up whenever it rains
Your so old your penis has vericose veins
Oh, why dont you die grandpa?
Why must you fight?
You old motherfucker just walked toward the goddamn light
Walk toward the light old man

It's all over now
My grandad is dead
A mysterious blow
To his wrinkle old head
Before I collect the small overcite
But everything should turn out alright
I'll start working on my grandma tonight

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