The Bones


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Young and I’m handsome, lookin' like the Hansons
MMM boppin' bitches, poppin' pills ‘til they dancin'
I ain't romantic, I ain't lightin' candles
Deathbound boy, bitch, I'm smokin' on that cancer
Phone like me, dead so no answer
Razor in my reach, Bones hold it like a ransom
Walking work of art, so everybody glancin'
Fine brush strokes, put the colors on the canvas
Smokin' in the ocean, drinkin' on the shore
I feel like Bo Derek back in 1984
Step up to me wrong, get cut like a check
You bring your girl around, you gon' lose her like back
You got a little buzz, just know it won't last
You worried 'bout your image, me, I'm lookin' for the ash
You bringin' up my past, it only make me laugh
See I don't got shit to hide but go ahead and act
SESH 'til I rest, still I have my brother's back
Ain't nobody fuckin' with the team, that's a fact
My grandfather's ring, my father's old coat
I'm lookin' like both when I'm up here in my zone
You thinkin' that you're different, I hope you know you isn't
Nobody likes your album, me, I didn't even listen
I'm stickin' to my pimpin', my girl lookin' like Lindsay
McGuire, gettin' higher 'til the stars start to glisten

I don't know what you've been told
I just know you need to know
Nobody fucks with you
Ain't nobody fuck with you

Autor(es): Elmo

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