Grandier's Funeral Pyre

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A blissful maid has pierced my heart
She's feasted on my soul
A banquet made of flesh and bone
So I was dethroned
Like kings without their shields and swords
Like bards without their chords
Now call the Ravens, light the fire
To rot in hell my curse

Besieged by the flames, by the church declaimed
Unholy will Pagan I die as a pagan I lived

The sons of Grandier bade command
Hither to bring all of the people from afar
The rich, the poor and the sick were gathered
Countless quite as the priest was a hero to their eyes
The wood smoke rose black over blaze
And blent was the roar of the fires in the sky
In heavy mood, misery they moaned
As the sky was devoured by the funeral pyre

"Mephistopheles bring wrath
Upon the ones who insult and stain the name of god
With vileness and greed
Upon the ones who tortured and their cursed breed"

Before Decay's abysmal fingers
Brush against my brow
And sweep the lines where beauty lingers
I will pledge my vow
Of all the villains claimed to live
In chastity and need
A thousand times into the fire
The oath I now decree

Besieged by the flame

A false diabolical part was written
In the name of Grandier and all the spawn of Hell
The love of women, the flower of virgins
The respect of Kings, honors, lust and charming spells
He will join us on our crusade
And sin by sin he'll become the Devil's blade
In noble mood, dignity the owned
As the sky was devoured by the funeral pyre

His eyes were fiery and yet so hollow
Sixteen pints of water he was forced to swallow
But he did not kneel and vauntingly swore
In the gaze I see the eyes of Satan

The sons of Grandier bade command
Les Démons de Loudun

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