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You could be heaven
but your fire burns to warm
You could be everything to me
You could be sunset
with your illuminating form
And I could never leave,
No I could never leave.

Take my hand,
through purple shades
of emptiness and sorrow
Take me home,
through the everglades
a boiling mass of Hollow

You could be karma
just a figment of my rage
You could be everything I own
I'll never harm ya,
as the tempters turn the page
and now we're growing cold,
oh yes we're growing cold

Take me out
my silhouette is crying out for reason
Take me home,
My destiny's a mask of bloody treason

And if you're left behind
Don't ya know that I can find.
and you know inside your mind
There's nothing but the signs

That I…. Am…… Hollow

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