Big Bill Broonzy

Grandma's Farm

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Got up this morning : with the same thing on my mind
And the girl I'm loving : but she don't pay me no mind

Lord my girl caught the train : and she left me a mule to ride
When the train turn the corner : got a note my black mule died

Just as sure as the grape vine : grows all around that stump
Said I want you and I need you : mama to be my sugar lump

Just as sure as the rabbit : mama plays on your grandma's farm
Said I done got tired : of that stuff you been carrying on

Now you see me coming : now mama heist your window high
But you know I'm going to leave you : girl I know you're going to grieve and cry

I've got so many wagons : it done run my good road down
And I got so many women : till the men don't want me around

Autor(es): Big Bill Broonzy

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