Grandma Whistled

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Everybody has their music that they like to sing and play
Everybody had a song they like to sing along life's way
I have never heard my favorite music on the radio
For my song was silenced many years ago.

I can see my grandma sittin' on the front porch with a churn
Her face was brown and wrinkled from the lessons she had learned
Sometimes when I'm tired and weary I can hear that music yet
Grandma whistlin' "What A Friend We Have In Jesus."

--- Whistles ---

Well, us younger folks were known for all the hell that we could raise
I must admit we had some good times in the good old days
Wake up in the early morning and sometimes my head would hurt
But my grandma always whistled while she worked.

Now there's folk and rock'n roll and country music all around
And that modern gospel singing makes a mighty pretty sound
But the sweetest sound of all is in my memory I guess
Grandma whistlin' "What A Friend We Have In Jesus."

--- Whistles ---

They say some girls can't whistle but my grandma really could
In those old Kentucky hard times oh it sounded awfully good
With a song to pass the time with and the love she had for me
She will live forever in my memory.

Now they say that they have music in that home beyond the sky
Now there's one song I'll request if I should get there by and by
Well, there may be many singing but I know who'll be the best
Grandma whistlin' "What A Friend We Have In Jesus..."

--- Whistles to fade ---

Autor(es): Tom T. Hall

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