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There she is on a lifeboat.
There she is setting sail.
There she is in someone else's dreams.
There she is looking beautiful.
There she is again.
There she is in a mountain stream.

Hollywood, wouldn't she?

There she is in the kitchen.
There she is out at sea.
There she is enveloping me.
She said she's just a mirror,
Said she leads the way.
Babble on and dooming me today.

Hollywood, wouldn't she?

The sun sighs,
Wave upon wave.
In the grass and dew
I dance for you.

Hollywood, wouldn't she?

And in winter we shall ride in a pink carriage with blue cushions.
That kiss ran down your neck like a little spider.
We will find it,
Though it is a great traveler.

Autor(es): Karl Wallinger

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