Granny Grunt

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The steel shutters rattled
Even the rose-colored razor wire shook
A jade-colored car emerged onto the street
While security kept a lookout
For the losers hanging around
Who couldn't make it downtown
They wandered over here
For their final breakdown

Kathy put her legs down
She put the phone down
And said I wish it was hot and not so hard
She had the power to predict and refuse
Her crippling fears she wore around
Like a crown
Just then a choke moved through her gut
The way an insect contracts when it gets smashed
Hanging out in the parking lot
Trying to get it up to break it down

With a coat and a haircut
The old lady sold speed
To the truck drivers passing by
Everyone called her Granny Grunt
You don't want to know why

You can see it but you won't believe it
You say you understand
But you just can't fake it
Now you're on your knees
Begging someone to lead you
But you're just like me
[And you can't make it easy]

Warlock in the gallery of a salt-mine
Watching the white-eyed pale foal die
Florida in the last phase the hill
Where we broke down
Pizza and frozen apple pie
The apes blow blood into the air
With plenty of time to reason
He wanted to be king but he could only sing
That's the end of a puppet and his friends

Autor(es): Jennifer Herrema / Neil Michael Hagerty

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