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Do you think you're gonna be ok tonight?
Ah feeling awfully lonely, falling down
Oh thinking what will happen if I'm (the) only one
All alone here in this world

Maybe talking to be free oh want to be
Uh, alone often recently feeling this
I'm falling down on my own in a muted room
As my lonely feelings keep growing

Everything has meanings for us
And today, I am standing here
And thinking that I am living on my own somehow, oh

We sure do feel you all
Calling to hear you all
In this life I've lived so far
I saw no meaningless encounters

I want to reconfirm my feelings
Can you feel it now?
Tell me your own way
For now and (the) future

Before my sad daily life
All change into all change into the lame old days
And you, oh, and you, oh

To keep holding appreciation of
Thinking that is what's needed
We tend to forget once in a while
But souldn't forget

That is what's important for a person to live
There is something I wanna tell you all
Even now, here, oh
In front of us, we can see

So many people being in our lives
Like this, keeping us one

You don't have be down
You don't have be down
Can't live alone

That is why we are living
And sharing the same world here
Existing to link and bond

You, don't bring 'em so down
You, don't bring 'em so down
Why not come out with us?
We want you all to remember

When you feel down
When you've lost yourself
When you are worried about thing
When you feel sad
You are not (the) only one

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