Holy Is Your Name

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Lord we cry out for mercy
Lord we call out your name
As we lift our hands
Towards your Holy place

We are longing to see you
Hear our hearts as we pray
As we lay down our lives
We seek your holy face

We sing Holy
We sing Holy
We sing Holy is your name
We sing Holy
Great and Mighty
We sing Holy Lord
Holy is your name

We will give you the glory
The glory due your name
Bring you an offering
A sacrifice of praise

Singing "great are you Most High"
And most worthy of praise
We will fear you alone
And bow down as we sing

Holy is the Lord
Holy is the Lord
Holy is the Lord our God

Everybody sings
Join the angels
Everybody sings
All of Heaven sings
Holy Holy Holy

Autor(es): Jean-Luc LaJoie

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