Gravest Show On Earth

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Zeppelin's fly
Bludgeoning through crimson skies dropping bombs on the land
Traveling far from India to Zanzibar, Holland, Rome and Japan
Awaiting command
Well, I know you'll enjoy yourself tonight

Gather round
Tune in the sound
Of the gravest show on earth

The plan is this the SS Indianapolis leaves from tropic dismay
Cutting seas like great whites ripping flesh with ease
The moment's just away from Enola Gay
Now let's go destroy ourselves tonight

Feel the ground
The atomic sound
Of the gravest show on earth

Have you seen the Hindenburg crash down to flames
Hiroshima mushroom is quite the same

Everybody is waiting, Satan's figure skating
so listen closely for the entrance of his violin
Now take your seating for the gallows cheating
Well it's time for gravest show on earth to begin
Witness for yourself the crime
I'm sure you'll have a grand ol' time

It's built to please true music lovers, stays with you a lifetime
All that's left is for you to discover, the magic of the show

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