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With the sleepless shadows behind my back
I walk to the grave soon to be forgotten
I signed my name in blood so black
How long this road could be I do not know
My fear my sorrow
The path I have to follow
With all of my hope
Which once I did know

I'm not brave enough
To deny what they have said to me
I'm not brave enough to doubt
I'm not brave
No I am not
Will you choose to believe their lies?
Knowing that their lies are old
Let me tell you, I'll choose to close my eyes
So that I don't have to see the truth

Graveward I'll walk in despair
Only the dark shall be my prayer
Feel your dark and feel your breath
Feel your dark and feel your death
Millions of lies are in my eyes
A death to die, I will die my death
Millions of dreams waiting to be lost
A death to die, I will die my death

The tamed sheep, their souls to reap
Like a one night dream so vague as it seems
My grief in blood that is running so deep
For us the meek, there will be no relief
Tears drop on the road paved with lies
The road once I thought paved with hopes
The tomb they discard, the bell of doom they ring
It blooms but soon to be withering

Graveward leads my path
Graveward I'm walking alone
Graveward leads my path
Graveward I'll be gone

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