Graveyard Dream

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In tombs we lie, the brotherhood of decay and decomposition,
the ones who left our worthless lives to rot and be forgotten.
As worms seek shelter in my flesh and bones are grind to dust,
I listen to the rain above and bide my time in darkness...

Now billions lie as I do, their gods rest among them.
Awiting the worlds impending doom, our bloodless features frozen.

Remembering my life as it was - not trapped in this pit of ineffable woe.
Estranged from the sun and the winds, yearning no more nor bewailing.
Within my mind darkness has fallen too...
The loneliest grave, I sail the sea of tranquil dominion,
brilliant, eternal ocean of darkness.
Emerging like a newborn from the verge of oblivion,
still my eyes gaze at the light of the stars.
I?m free now at last, and I see no god to punish my soul, I?m alone.

(Oh stj?rnklara d?dsrike, himmelska avgrund,
vad tider f?r du med dig nu - m?nniskans v?l eller ve?)

[Oh starlit kingdom of death, heavenly abyss.
What times do you bring to Man - to our benefit or to our end?]

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