Graveyard Shift

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Graveyard shift works all night long it works from sunset till early dawn
The work is hard but your back is strong graveyard shift works all night long

While everybody else is a snoozin' away I got a night job and I sleep in the day
It wouldn't be so bad if they paid me good
But they put me at the bottom of the brotherhood

Graveyard shift works...

Got a newly wed wife that I never get to see

By the time I get home it's time for her to be

Gettin' to work down at the A and P at the rake we're goin' we'll never be three

Graveyard shift works...

I'm a God fearin' man just as plain as I can be

A black cup of coffee is good enough for me
And it takes about a gallon to give me the lift

That I need to get me through on the graveyard shift
Graveyard shift works...

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