Graveyard Tree Zero

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She was into darker things.
Things I didn't believe.
I liked to live my life in reality.
I knew she was a freak and more or less insane.
But she had the darkest spell on me.

In her words she told me I will soon be dead.
From forces that I simply wouldn't understand.
Baby your are crazy what I always said to her.
But one cold night she left her body and these words.
Lay me beneath a graveyard tree and dig me a hole.
Six feet down and west to east so I sing to the wind.
Cover me in a red silk sheet and my body unclothed.
Give me a vile of your blood around my neck and I.
Will return again.

Days turning into weeks and before I knew.
Three solid years passed by.
I kept thinking of the note.
The note I didn't believe.
But it seemed to comfort me.

I'm starting to hear whispers that carry in the wind.
I can't believe their real I can't make out the words.
They're starting to get louder much harder to ignore.
I thing they're saying my name did her instruction work.

Autor(es): Koffin Kats

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