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Woke up this morning filled with dread
With one less day left before I'm dead
& gone. Dead & gone
Woke up running running scared
Looking for an answer that just isn't there
I'm gone. So far gone
Just gotta find some way outta here
Just gotta find some way...home

Woke up this morning with a curse on my breath
Eaten up and beating myself to death
Till I'm gone. Gone
Woke up naked there on the floor
Don't know if I know who I am anymore
I'm gone. Gone

Woke up to find I was all alone
Scream on my lips head full of bones
Gone. Gone
Woke up so tired woke up so scared
Reached for my heart just to find it wasn't there but gone. Gone.
I'm sick of running can't stop lying
I'm tired of trying feel like dying. I'm gone

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