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Here i am watching (the) new generation
Find a better way for the best explanation of gravity..
Just gravity

Day after day sick of this situation
One step forward in the no sense direction (of) reality..
Keep trusting me..

Looking back remorse (and) regrets just shared by love and hate
Words are not enough now when you guess maybe it's too late
Approaching everytime with shaking hands but feel the same
Hug me another time, closing your eyes, faking the way

Nothing seem so easy
When everyone surround me
Pointing 'em fingers on my faults (and)
Lies come up like old treasures
Insanity is shaping me, eternity is fixing me
Let me hide my bleeding soul from scary rays tou're pushing me…
(I'm) making my show, but I want to go home

drawing down the place where there aren't infections
action in your life! You're not acting a fiction!
Uncovering..(the) opportunities
Metaphor of life, heavy and light new sensation
Welcome to the side where you've got no protection
(let's) stabbin' all (with ) your ability

(I've) never thought so far
(I've) never seen my face so scarred
(I've) never thought so far
The best is yet to come, Now!!!

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