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It's about time that you paid attention
Walked a million miles in the wrong direction
Go back, back home where your heart should be
Go back to when you thought that you'd never agree to be broken
Show the world that you're coming in locked and loaded
What's the worse that could happen anyway?

Don't forget to stop and take a breath
Before your lungs have nothing left

Gravity, please don't let go of me
Just keep me from drifting through the atmosphere until I disappear
Every day I'm another world away
From where I'm supposed to be
So gravity, don't let go of me

So sick of the altitude
The higher I go, the more that I lose
It's alright, I'll be fine
I wouldn't mind if I was just falling
'Cause when I hit the ground I'll be running
What's the worse that could happen anyway?

While I'm drifting away
I hope that you stay away, away from me
But I know you'll just fall back to sleep
And I know my time is winding down
So you find me floating out among the clouds

So don't you forget about me

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