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Caught in the shadows
My head is spinning
Everything's moving around and around
And the people were betting
And the loser that's winning
Is the one who has dibs on my face in the ground

And I know, "Hey, Suck it up girl"
And I know, "It's perspective you lack"
But my list is red starfish and blue lizards' tails
And I mark one thing off and five more come right back

Well I like the concept of tight vacuum packed
Let's shove fifty pounds of shit into a fifty pound bag
So that keeps me chasing my tail all around
And most of the time it's just me being wagged

And I know I'm at the brow of my being
And I know it's hard to look down
And I'm probably as free as I ever will be
Still I choose to live like I'm gagging and bound

Well I wonder what it's like to walk around weightless
To jump for your heart and never come down
To know the potential of true human will
Without all of this gravity just dragging us down

And I know, one day we will wake up
And I know, and start to live as ourselves
And not let the cowards of history claim us
And stop pointing our fingers at everyone else

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