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You can try and fight it but you wouldn't stand a chance
It's out of your control
Yeah you don't have to like it but the weight of circumstance
Is gonna take its toll

It ain't fair and it ain't right but that really doesn't matter does it now
That you've seen it fall apart
Cause it hurts just the same so it doesn't really matter who you blame
Maybe it's only gravity

When you're high and flying
The last thing on your mind is ever coming down
Yeah you can keep denying
Up until the time you hit the cold hard ground

It ain't fair and it ain't right...

Above the law we thought that we were
Above it all and it's easy looking back to say it couldn't last
But I guess we thought that we were something something else

It ain't fair and it ain't right...
Only gravity

Autor(es): Kim Richey / Tom Littlefield

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