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These nights I spend alone
Are hard to carry on
I can't do this on my own
and it hurts me when I'm gone
Cause I got everything
That a good man will ever need
Oh I'm praying every day
Lord take this pain away
Please help me to be strong
Help me find my way back home
Cause I have everything
Waitin there for me
I'm lost, I'm lonely
and there's only one way home
I hear you calling
and You're calling me back home
I'm comin home
All I want is for my heart to be filled with love and not with misery
If home is where they say your heart will be
Then I never want to leave
I'm lost, I'm lonely
And there's only one way home

Autor(es): Henry Garza / JoJo Garza / Ringo Garza

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