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You should have left, well enough alone.
Think of all the sleeping out here, dreaming of a home. A 30 year mortgage of their own. You should have let us stay healthy and work our fingers to the bone. So what if it hurts? We all deserve the right to die for something. But if they let you waste away on the waiting room floor, just say, "There is no fear in this heart". You should have said,
"You'll have t take
what you can get," instead of letting us stay desperate and just work ourselves to death.
So what if it hurts? So what
if the stasis with a gracious smile is all you deserve? What if the basis for care is what you can afford? You'll get a permanent place in a public ward. So what if it hurts? So what if
I place in my broken faith is all you deserve?

"There is no fear in this heart."

Autor(es): Crime in Stereo

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