Gray Area

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Don't tell me what is false, don't ask me what is true
I've found that in reality neither one will do
'Cause left is never really left,
Nor right completely right
And nothing in the world is black or white

Don't say you know for sure the one and only norm
Life is never like a book-it can't just fit a form
So don't believe in all the facts exactly as they're told
'Cause nothing ever really fits the mold

You can say that things are absolute
To the point of hysteria
But saying that doesn't change the fact
That we're living in the gray area

Don't think you're sure
Just what is wrong and what is right
'Cause night turns into day you know
And day turns into night
So never ask the questions
Unless you want to know
The answer's never only yes or no


Autor(es): Seth Gordon

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