Gray Flannel Suits

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I'm pleased as punch with my new house in New Canaan,
At night the street lights shine off my other new things...
Like a lime-green Ford coupe, pink flamingoes,
martini glasses that shimmer all weekend
But it's gray in suburbia
See my fresh-painted homestead for me and my homemaking wife
She's the luckiest girl around because of what I provide...
Like hi-fis and a modern kitchen
We keep in the swim with all of our neighbors

But it's gray in suburbia

Working for 10 or 12 hours flat
I got a look-alike hat, and I don't care
Working for 10 or 12 hours to boot
I got a look-alike suit, and I don't care

Sloan Wilson said it best
"We're all men in grey flannel suits"
Looking like soldiers we line up to climb aboard our daily
Aspiring young workers with college diplomas
Your prospects are great and excellent for success
Excellent for success

But it's gray in suburbia

Autor(es): Brett Kull / Echolyn

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