Gray Sunset

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Is anything important now?
I don't know
What seems to be never
Will befriend you
What seems like miles
May be just fine
Do the streets make
A haste for the sun?

I will travel further
Than the missiles come
I can't turn the lights away
From the romance
Facing my eyes
Dungeons made out of
Please don't be late

I'm making the right decision
By calling your name, and
Truth is not a pretty fiction
Love kills my words

Now why do you come here?
Sinking, waving both of your hands
How do you feel when the
Clouds becomes your end
What does it mean if
You can't see the sun?
(Turn away)

Gray sunset, it said (x 3)

What does it mean
When the crowds go home?
How does it feel
To die on your own?
Gray sunset, it said:

Sky's now about to rain
Damage my space
Can't turn the other way
I've lost my faith

Words to confuse opinion
They'll be disgraced
I do it because I feed you
Feed you my way

What seems to be
Never will befriend you
What seems like miles
May be just fine

Promise made is like a
Turtle's face
And I promise that I'll
Come alone
Promise that I'll
Come alone
And I promise that
I'll come alone

Da da da da, da da da da da (x 4)

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