Gray Walls

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A clear blue ocean view
For sale not for lease
Everyone said it's, a
contemporary masterpiece

Malibu, August it was a
perfect dream
Enormous potential the real
estate lady screamed

A stunning sunset and
movie stars right next door
Life was finally beautiful
entertainment was in store

Waterfalls, Jacquzzies,workout
rooms and uzies
But massive pocket doors
and expensive wooden floors
Don't make a house a home
It's just another loan
so I cry
Behind the gray walls

Style and sophistication and
California Grace
The top of the world it's gated with
plenty of space

A girl named Misty and a dog
the size of a horse
Possiblilties for power it's just
a matter of force

Unique adobe just like in
But not a single person walks
by and says hello

Autor(es): Billy Bob Thornton / Randy Mitchell

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