Homecoming #2

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The pouring rain, the intersection
I'm baffled by the colors of this town
Call your friends and have 'em find out
That I am home
I am home

Whatever happened to that spanish place?
The 2 for's and the cheap plastic crates
Remember all the nights we couldn't find
Our way home, our way home
Now I'm home, I am home

I fell in love with a perfect storm
I didn't wanna be alone anymore
But she spat me out in may

I took a job in a beat up bar
And fooled around with the daughters of
An alumnus from del mar

I tried to write just to keep me sane
But the book with the coffee stains
Never grew beyond a page

So when the fire finally broke
It was just another way to choke
And find my way back home

Autor(es): Rasmus Kellerman

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