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Every other hour floating through life
Everyone says your not the type
You life's a Christ like life and never were a hellion
Yet now you teach lessons on the art of rebellion

We used to make fun of people who were two faced
So now you mock your parents who preach until they're blue faced
Some say it aint over till the fat lady sings
Well boy your saran wrap has lost its cling

Your light has lost its ferver
You've got no self control
You've dwindled down to nothing
You're just stuck in that filthy black hole

But there's always a guy who will welcome you back
He'll get your life on the narrow track
Doesn't take much except a broken soul
He'll warm you up and bring you in from the cold

Your light has lots of ferver
You've got much self control
You sir have definatly become someone
You're not stuck in that filthy black hole

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