Home For All

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It has got to stop. It's gotta stop.We've gotta stop

Who cares about a bandname
Who cares about a shirt
Who cares about Nations on fire…when racism hurts!
Yo! Create a neighbourhood racists not allowed!
No way, no way, no way!

If you want to stop racism (in here)
If you want to stop it now, say hey!
And I know you want it to stop, too!

No more racist cruelty. No more state complicity
We are all responsible
(After all, weren't we gonna change the world, you and me?)
Their attacks should be stopped right here
confront and not fear
It's our duty to protect

In the end we'll reclaim the streets, where minorities
should not fear: We'll make it a home for all…
(Together we can change the world; start at home)

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