Home In San Antone (with Bob Wills)

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Haven't gotta worry haven't gotta care
Haven't got a thing to call my own
Though i'm out of money i'm a millionaire
I still have my home in san antone

When i greet my neighbor with a hi you all
I'm wealthy as a king upon a throne
Yes you can have your mansions or your cottages small
But i'll just take my home in san antone

[ fiddle - steel ]
Traveled o'er the country on my merry way
Been in crowds and felt i was alone
But when i feel like bragging i just up and say
I'm a native son of san antone

Cause there's a sweet somebody by the alamo
Someday she's gonna be my very own
Then we'll buy a high chair in a year or so
For our little home in san antone
For our little home in san antone

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